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LovinPet Big Pet Clothing, Undershirt for Dog Hoodies, Dog Pajamas, Lightweight Stretchy Flannel Fabric, White Noah's Ark Alphabet Print, Big Dog Jammies, UV Protection Shirt, Easy to Wear Dog Jumpsuit,Medium & Large & Giant

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What??s the benefits of Lovinpet dog pajama?

-Advantage Points

dog pjs large breed has the functions of sun protection & anti licking, reducing hair loss, anxiety calming and make our dogs feel warm and comfy at night in all seasons and lots of holidays.

-Bottoming Dog Shirts

The dog after surgery onesie is soft&lightweight with great elasticity, Very suitable for close-fit and perfect for wearing in all seasons, can also used as a bottoming under pet clothes such as hoodies in winter. Your doggy will love this cute clothe.

-Special Design

This White Noah's Ark Alphabet Print T-shirt uses a unique crew neck with a special line flannel noah's ark abc white prints design, The prints' fabric woven with cotton threads of different colors, which will not fade or fall off like digital printsing and offset printsing.

Anxiety Calming

Fireworks & Thunderstorms

When thunderstorms and fireworks occur, dogs will become anxious, because thunderstorms and fireworks are often accompanied by loud noises, which can cause the dogs to have storm phobia. Lovinpet dog pajamas can help your dog stay calm during these storms, and the dog will feel warm.

Every time our dog separates from owners, they will be reluctant and sad. Even if they know the owner will come back, they are still unhappy when their owner leaves. And this reluctance and sadness may turn some dogs into anxiety and irritability, The dog pjs can help us to make our doggy feel calm and warm.

Strangers and new surroundings

The things that make dogs afraid are mainly divided into other dogs, strangers, and new environments. So dogs will bark when they see strangers coming from home, and will have a stress response when they arrive in a new environment. A soft lovinpet pajamas will make the dog feel more secure.

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