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LovinPet Dog Clothes for Large Dogs - Pajamas, Post-Surgical Recovery for Big Dogs, Lightweight Pullover Dog Pajamas, Full Coverage Dog pjs, Wild Horses Galloping Print

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  • Why wear LovinPet big dog pajamas? At night, the general temperature may be low, especially in the autumn and winter. Wearing LovinPet’s professionally-made pajamas can keep your dog warm and calm which can help your big dog sleep comfortably.
  • What is the top benefit of wearing a LovinPet big dog pajama? LovinPet is specially tailored for short-haired or terrier dogs; they can reduce hair loss (less hair to clean up!) and prevent skin irritation from outdoor activities, especially on lawns.
  • The design principle of LovinPet big dog clothes is: use high-quality, dog-friendly materials that are sweat-absorbent, soft and comfortable, warm, but not stifling hot.
  • How to choose LovinPet big dog clothes: Our big dog clothes are for relatively large and medium-sized short-haired dogs, such as the Pitbull, Boxer, Lab mix, Doberman, Terrier etc.
  • We’ll tell you a secret: People love our dog clothes! Many of our customers have purchased LovinPet big dog clothes as a gift for their large dog; they’ve taken photos, hosted parties, etc. all with their dog sporting LovinPet dog clothes!

Why try LovinPet Large Dog Clothes?

  • Perfect solution for when your dog is. Spend less time cleaning and more time playing with your large dogs! Whether it’s a car ride to the vet or groomers, or family trip to a relative’s house, the LovinPet Large Dog jumpsuit has you covered when it comes to controlling unwanted hair.
  • LovinPet Large Dog Clothes works to cover wounds, surgical sites, hotspots and helps with allergies and skin conditions. There is a reason veterinarians are recommending our product: it's safe, comfortable and proven to be effective.
  • LovinPet large pet clothes can help reduce anxiety. The snug fit applies a gentle pressure, making dogs feel more calm, confident and secure. Whether its thunderstorms, fireworks or separation anxiety, the LovinPet pjs can soothe your large dogs.
  • LovinPet large dog clothing can help prevent doggy’s exposure to dangerous . Also, our clothing helps to protect from stickers and burrs getting caught in their fur and prevents frozen hair balls from forming when in the snow. Keep them clean at the big dog park or beach.
  • PERFECT PITBULL DOG PAJAMAS: These American Pitbull
  • pajamas were designed with lightweight stretchy 100% Imported Japanese materials; they are super soft, durable and machine washable. These high-quality pajamas have been designed especially for large dog breeds, such as the Pitbull, Labrador Retriever, German shepherd, Golden Retriever, Bulldog, Boxer, Doberman, etc.

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    These are just too doggone CUTE!

    My pittbull doesn't have a lot of hair on her belly, so I wanted to get her something to keep her warm as winter sets in. Unfortunately, trying to find jammies for a 70 lb pittbull isn't all that easy. I found these on Amazon and couldn't wait to try them on her. They fit so nice and have elastic around the belly so they don't droop or twist while she is wearing them. They are kind of a stretchy material so they give a nice fit to different body builds. I wish they made matching ones for the pet parent so we can both put on our jammies and be stylin' couch potatoes. These are nice pajamas and I am very happy with my purchase! And it just makes me smile everytime I see her in them - they are so darn adorable!

    sascorpio   22/01/2021



    Great alternative for the cone of shame.

    I bought this because my bloodhound, Clementine was going in to get spayed. I figured this was a better option than a plastic cone. It was. I bought the largest size available. The fit was okay, just a little snug, but she’s a big gal so I was expecting that. It has plastic snaps that make it easier to put on an uncooperative pooch, and the bottom is semi open to allow the dog to go both #1 and #2 should the need arise. While it wasn’t necessarily a life saving purchase, it was helpful because it prevented her from licking the incision, and it made me smile because, unicorns. To make it better for me I’d need it to come in a bigger size and maybe not cost so much. It’s a cute onesies for dogs, but I’m not going to buy more than one at this price.

    Wendy Miller   22/01/2021



    not wild horses they are unicorns on it

    Got this for the male. Description says wild horses. But they are unicorns on it. He doesn't mind but my husband said this isn't for a male. I have bought 6 of these for my 2 dogs. It's a great fit for tall long dogs. My golden doodle is 60 lbs but alot af hair, mixed breed he is 82 lbs and slender and xxl fits them both

    Tammy M.   22/01/2021

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