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img LovinPet Dog Pajamas for Large Dogs/Big Bites Shark Black Prints/Lightweight Big Dogs Pullover, Full Coverage Large Breed Dog Pjs/Large Dog Jamammies

AUTHOR: Xenomorphs

Review Title: Perfect PJs

Review Add on: 2021-01-12

Average Rating: (5)

I bought these for my 55lb catahoula. I bought the Large and they fit quite well. I bought them as an extra layer when we go for walks as she starts whining about halfway through our walks because she's cold. Easy to put on her and she was able to move and do her business in them with no issues. Easy to put on and she looks so cute in her shark Pjs. She was actually quite warm and was panting in the house until we got outside and then she was fine. She even laid out on the dog bed outside at my neighbors house while we were talking and took a nap even though usually she's whining to go in because she's cold. No shivering or whining for my princess. She seems to like them and so do I.


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