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img LovinPet Dog Costume, Pet Anxiety Relief, UV & Post Protection Dog Clothes, Comfy Stretchy Fabric, Abstract Zoo Forest Prints Large Dog Pjs for Dogs Pullover Pitbull Clothes

AUTHOR: Danika L Sanders

Review Title: Perfect for my 75 pound AmStaff

Review Add on: 2022-02-14

Average Rating: (5)

My dog has a skin condition that makes his hair very sparse on the trunk of his body, which causes him to get very cold and shiver when it's cold outside. This pajama is made of very soft and light material, which keeps him warm without irritating his skin. He doesn't try to rub it off on the couch like he does his dog jackets. He wears his jammies all night long and they keep him very snug! These are good quality jammies. It's an added bonus that everyone thinks he's adorable and wants to talk to me about how cute he is when he's out in his jammies, whereas people used to be afraid of him because he's a pitbull. Now they just think he's cute! They definitely soften people's reception of him.


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